This course was designed to prepare students to take a National Certification Exam.
 1. Perform patient preparation from the introduction to the explanation of phlebotomy procedure and review of requisition to handling consent, identification of the patient, and verification of patient compliance with testing requirements.
 2. Determine appropriate sample size, select sites to minimize patient risk and determine venipuncture accessibility, and use aseptic technique.
 3. Demonstrate proper techniques for venipuncture and capillary collection in the correct order while maintaining patient safety.
 4. Recognize common complications from the primary collection as well as problematic patient signs and symptoms throughout the collection. 
 5. Ensure those tube additives are appropriate for testing requirements and how to invert evacuated tubes with them.
 6. Verify the quality of the equipment.
 7.Work with special collections (e.g., peripheral blood smears, blood culture collections).
 8.Handle processing such as labeling, quality control for CLIA-waived procedures, handling requirements for transport.
 9. Explain non-blood specimen collection to patients and handle patient-collected, non-blood specimens while avoiding pre-analytical errors.
 10. Adhere to the chain of custody guidelines, prepare samples for transport, coordinate non-laboratory personnel communication, and manage data.


Phlebotomy Certification


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