How to Pass the CNA State Board Exam

For many students, it is a challenge to pass the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) State Board Exam, but what they fail to understand is that, with every challenge in life, preparation is the key. In my opinion, no exam is "hard", it's the way in which you arm yourself before you take the exam that will empower you to feel confident. I hear this excuse all the time from individuals who call our office to find out more about the course.

If your goal is to pass the exam and earn your CNA license, you have to do a few things before you are successful. I have listed a few things that I think you need to accomplish ahead of time.

  1. Stop listening to negative people who are not being supportive of your desire to become a CNA.

  2. Have an optimistic attitude. Too often individuals come by our office with such a negative predisposition about passing the exam that they even neg me out! Why even bother if you are not going to believe in yourself? Positivity starts with you and that's something we cannot help you with!

  3. Call and ask lots of questions before starting the course. The more informed you are, the easier it will be for you to decide your next step.

  4. Do your research on the training center or person who will be teaching the course. Character and consistency are priceless commodities, so don't become a victim because you find that another location offers the same course at a much cheaper price. Get value for your money and remember that CHEAPER IS NOT NECESSARILY BETTER!

  5. Make sure you attend class every day or as often as possible. If you are not in class, how can you learn anything?

  6. Take the initiative to help yourself succeed. Meaning, do whatever it takes to WIN! Team up with another student in the class to work on your skills or written portion. Come in early or stay a little later to go over a skill or two. I find that many students do not take advantage of most of the free resources we offer here at Absolute Home Health Training Center.

  7. Practice becomes perfect - I cannot say this in a simpler way for you to understand. If you do not practice, the chance of you passing is very slim

  8. Last but not least - ASK FOR HELP! I find that student will leave the classroom unsure about a skill or topic and refuse to ask for help whether openly or privately. If you do not verbalize, we cannot improvise. We know that everybody does not learn the same way or at the same pace, so you have to help up help you. the course is very short so there is little time to waste in preparing you for the exam.

  9. If you were not successful on your first attempt, please do not let that get the better of you to the point where you do not want to reschedule. Sometimes a student needs to feel the harsh reality of that first fail to stop messing around and to get serious about practicing the skills. You have to come in and practice before the next exam date because no matter how we try they will just not come and practice before walking into the exam. Why waste your money, your time and our time if you are not going to take this seriously?

  10. Be present exam day! It is hard for me to understand how a student can miss the email that Prometric sends each student telling them that they are scheduled to take the exam at a certain time and place. You have to be accessible via email, phone, text, Social Media, etc. sometimes we send out emails and/or text messages reminding students about their test date and still, they do not show up. Talk about wasting time and money.

I hope these ten (10) suggestions help to guide you in making the right decisions on how to do well and pass the CNA State Board Exam. Absolute Home Health Training Center specializes in helping individuals prepare and pass the exam so that they can move on to becoming a productive healthcare worker. We also help with job placement after you pass. For more information on how to become a CNA, or to learn how to register for our next CNA Prep Course, please visit us at 5463 State Road 7, Tamarac, FL 33319. Or you can give us a call @ (954) 388-5920 and we will happy to assist.

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