Advancing as a Certified Nursing Assistant

Being a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a good entry-level position if your goal is to become a nurse or any other advanced, licensed professional. You will get a first-hand look at the roles and responsibilities of the other members of the care team. Hopefully, this will inspire you to further your training and become a more qualified healthcare worker.

You may ask "How do I get started?" Well, the first thing you should consider doing is to ask the Nurse Manager about being cross-trained for other positions such as a phlebotomist, and/or an EKG tech. Most hospitals are approved training centers and can officially certify their workers who were cross-trained in different skilled areas. But if you don't ask, how are you going to know if such a program or opportunity exist at your place of employment?

Secondly, you could earn additional training by earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs)/ in-services or specialty training in specific areas of healthcare such as diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, dialysis, stroke prevention, heart disease, etc. When you can show proof of advanced training, you are setting yourself apart from the norm which makes you more marketable, and employable. You will be in a better position to ask for a higher wage because you 'VALUE' more.

Yes, you wanted to be a CNA and you have accomplished that goal, but don't stop there! Just the same way you researched CNA classes near you, is the same way you need to find out where you can go to receive additional certification/training to develop your resume. By the time you get to that place where you realize you want to transition into nursing, you will have so much experience and confidence in yourself. This is what hiring managers are looking for in a caregiver.

Even if your goal is to become a Patient Care Tech (PCT), you have to pass the CNA State Board exam and earn your CNA license to be employed as a PCT. I was on YouTube recently and came across a video of a recently hired PCT who was sharing her orientation experience with everyone. She highlighted the entire five (5) day process and her expectations. The part that stood out to me was when she talked about being a CNA and how she received cross-training to become a PCT. If you are interested in finding out more about this video, please click on this link: Patient Care Technician (PCT)

If you would like to receive top-notch training on how to be a CNA, and earn your CNA license, visit 5463 State Road 7, Tamarac , FL 33319 or call 954-388-5920 for more details.

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