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This online phlebotomy course prepares for success on the NHA Phlebotomy exam. Learn all the theoretical concepts of being a phlebotomist in the comfort of your home. 

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**In light of the precautionary measures we have to take due to Covid-19, we have changed some of the required tasks students must perform to complete this course. This will be discussed further on the first day of class.

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Earning your Phlebotomy certification will give you an advantage in the workplace. Many employers require certification because they know that certified allied health professionals are committed to their profession and to quality patient care. Certified individuals also tend to enjoy higher wages and greater promotional opportunities.


Phlebotomy certification is becoming a must-have in today’s healthcare industry. Besides federal requirements like electronic health records (EHRs) and the Meaningful Use rule, employers want assurance that their employees are qualified. They rely on certification as a third-party attestation that an employee possesses the skills and knowledge to successfully perform a specific job. In addition, studies have shown that certified allied healthcare professionals have higher salaries and better promotion opportunities. 


Obtaining and maintaining certification and engaging in continuing education throughout your allied health career tells your employer that you:

  • Are committed to your profession because you continue to learn and grow

  • Have met third-party standards that verify your skills and competence

  • Are dedicated to maintaining quality in your workplace


These qualities speak volumes about your professionalism. 

This course provides a comprehensive review of core principles associated with phlebotomy technician job responsibilities and is ideal for preparing candidates for the NHA national exam.

Topics include:

  • Phlebotomy Fundamentals

  • Safety and Compliance

  • Patient Preparation

  • Routine Blood Collections

  • Special Collections

  • Processing Specimens​                                                         

To register for this course, a deposit of $100 is required to start the class and the remaining balance can be paid in installments.